The Cage Cover
The Cage is an album based on the lyrics of Dag Furuholmen.
With excellent singers like Atef Sedkaoui, Ivar Eidem, Marius Holth and Liv Evjan,
this album turned out to be a mix of melodic and theatrical innovations.

ConFusion was intended for Live playing and has the elements of earlier NeonJazz style well conserved.
The band at the time included Sven Kalmar Drums, Børge Olsen Guitar, Reidar Paasche keyboards

Svend Undseth_Seven Days in August

With Seven Days in August, Svend Undseth takes us back to the musical landscape of his first solo album, Grenseland.
Large soundscapes colour the melancholy found in the melody lines.
The voice of Tracee Meyn and her interpretation of the lyrics by Dag Furuholmen comes out in the most breathtaking way.
Delicate complex rhythms by Svend Kalmar and exciting improvisations on Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet also characterise the album.

cover kopi
Svend Undseth and Erik Wesseltoft has embraced many genre,
But with Easy Classics for Flute and Guitar they go back to where it all started, the Classical music.
This album was recorded live in the rehearsal room and no edits are made.
This proves the authenticity of performers and the way they follow each other in pure joy of musicianship.
We hope you will enjoy this record of easy listening classical tunes from composers like Antonini, Giuliani and Gossec.

cover Consequence
Due to the absence of new releases in this musical tradition, we have decided to keep Jazz/Fusion music alive with newly written compositions.
More or less the same musicians as on previous releases have come together again to make great Fusion for you.
Svend Undseth has again made all the compositions and production.

cover Conection
We hope this firecracker of an instrumental album will delight and inspire listeners to take part in the energy and joy of this music.  
Funky rhythms, rock guitar solos, captivating ballads, inspired horn section and bouncy arrangements characterise this collection.
You might even experience fireworks diving into intricate details.

cover Continuous
This Norwegian jazz/rock CD with funky elements, let the good times of the seventies return in a new shape.
Together with his band and a whole bunch of guest, he has created a fusion album with roots in the original jazz-rock canon.
We just say: Enjoy!

cover Collection
Just like the album Blue Stairs from 2003, The Neon Jazz Collection was also ment to be a computer based album.
A look at the list of musicians, shows that it did not turn out this way.
With three generations of musicians, the music carried itself into a new dimension of modern jazz.
The combination of complex simplicity and experiments creates moments of stunning heights for the listener.

Blue Stairs
The music draws its inspiration from the progrock and jazz rock scene during the 70ies and 80ies witch the composer was a part of.
With new technique and the musical reality of the new century combined with a melodic nerve,
The music on this album will continue to surprise you every time you put it on.
All titles are written, programmed and engineered by Svend Undseth

TSP was the first project featuring Tracee Meyn and Svend Undseth.
They made three songs together and released an EP under the name TSP Friendly Fire in 2004.
In 2006 the song Friendly Fire won NRK´s music competition, demo of the week.
With the help of Frode Holm (Korg) and Øivind Madsen (bass), the release was a fact.
Lyrics on “Friendly Fire” and “Mirage” by
Tracee Meyn.

African Voyage was made during a session recorded for Care international with singers from different African countries.
Zimbavian superstar Chiwoniso Mariare joined the project on Mbira and gave it an authentic flare.
Other musicians where: Erik Wesseltoft, guitar, Øivind Madsen, Bass and Svend Undseth misc instruments

PV 2
Frozen Dreams draws its inspiration from the arctic landscapes of Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun.
In a series of lyrical and melodic tone poems, it evokes the shifting moods, the beauty and the grandeur of the far north. 
Prima Vista deliver high quality instrumental music in a crossover style.
The duo, (Svend Undseth and Gunnar Berg-Nielsen), uses elements of new age, “symphorock” and easy listening in this studio production.

Basic are the tapes recorded directly in our rehearsal room at Skøyen Norway.
A very melodic concept with classical and self composed material.

Windshave is a collection of music taken from different shows and videos in the period between 1984-1988

SU Grenseland
or "Borderland" was one of the very first albums in the style of Ambient / Electronica made in Norway.
It was released by Polygram one year after it was created.

Black and White is from the third and longest lasting version of Vanessa.
Soon to be rereleased

City Lips

“City Lips” was released by Polygram in 1975, two years after it was recorded.
As one of the very first Jazz/Rock bands in Scandinavia they played frequently in Club 7 Oslo and similar clubs.
On this album we hear the 1973-1976 version of the band.
Svend Undseth (saxophones, alto clarinet and flute), Knut Værnes (guitar), Jan Erik Pedersen (bass) and Frank Aleksandersen (drums).
Additional musicians at the time were: Brynjulf Blix and Haakon Graf on keyboards.