The NeonJazz Project here represented by:
Børge Olsen Svend Undseth and Sven Kalmar

Svend Undseth works primarily as a freelance woodwind player and composer.
Undseth's musical career has embraced many genre,  but with the NeonJazz Project he is returning to his early inspiration.
His early albums with his first group, Vanessa,were pioneering works in the jazz rock canon, and in returning to his roots he has found new inspiration.

Svend started his musical career as a leader and later CO-leader with Frode Holm in the jazz-rock group Vanessa back in 1971.The group made two albums, "City Lips" 1973 and "Black and White" 1977.
He released his first solo album "Grenseland" on Polygram in 1979. Grenseland or "Borderland" was one of the very first albums in the style of Ambient / Electronica made in Norway.
He subsequently joined Avitel as composer/sound technician, composing and producing music sound tracks for video, ballet and multimedia performances. He has also initiated and developed his own multimedia projects such as 'Ultra Environments',1984, which toured throughout Norway and in Denmark with the support of the Norwegian Council of Culture, and Toured the performance 'Is that called Love' with the singer Berit Lohne, Andrea Austdahl and drummer Svend Kalmar. He also formed a fusion band with keyboard player Jan Simonsen in the same period. The band was put together with musicians from other groups like Ruphus, Lava, Alex and Georg Keller band. In 1989 Svend Undseth released a collection of music used in different multimedia shows under the name "Windshave" and started a group with three singers called Conspiracy Mares featuring Gudny Aspaas, Berit Lohne and Andrea Austdahl. Malika Mokouf,bass and Vera Danielsen, percussion joined the group in live concerts.
Founded in 1993, Prima Vista has released two CD's, as well as producing sound and music for a number of video, TV and film productions.
His background illustrates some of the competence, skill and musical expression shared through his compositions, songs, and melodic instrumental paintwork.
In the recent years from 2004 he has released five albums of Jazz fusion music under the name Neon Jazz. He has also made two albums based on the lyrics of Dag Furuholmen. Seven Days in August (2016) with singer Tracee Meyn and The Cage (2019) with singers Atef Sedkaoui, Ivar Eidem, Marius Holth and Liv Evjan.
All are released digitally on The Orchard and distributed to iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon etc.
Some of his albums are also available on CD by request or at

Svend Undseth-The Cage 2019
The Cage Cover

NeonJazz ConFusion 2017
Svend Undseth_NeonJazzConFusion_II

Seven Days in August 2016

The Classical Project 2016
UWcover kopi